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The colour of the player’s units have also been changed from blue to red in order to match the colours of the Knights Templar. Other than farms there are other resources such as iron ore, quarry for stone , and marshes for oil. These resources are deposited on the stockpile and the player can choose to either sell or use them for defense purposes. There are two ways to build an army; either make the weapons and then spend a little gold to turn peasants into soldiers, or turn them directly into soldiers using more gold via the mercenary post.

There are historical chapters mostly fictionalized which are to be completed using the resources given to the player at the start of the missions. Along with that there are 50 levels designed with increasing difficulty.

There is an option of 3 chickens at the start of the game which the player can use to skip a particular level. There are 30 additional levels added by the developers in the form of an additional Crusade Trail. The design of these mirrors the original 50 levels with the difficulty raising as the player progresses through the levels. The game contains several different characters, available to be selected as allies and enemies.

The opponents from the original game make a return, as well as new Arabian lords and crusaders being available. One unique aspect of the game is that the characters have individual binks small short videos by which they communicate with the player, asking for goods or help if allied with them or, if they are the players’ enemy, taunting them when attacking or expressing worry when under siege. Popular Games. Stray Free Download v1.

Far Cry 6 Free Download v1. Sifu Free Download v1. God of War Free Download v1. Next Post. You might also like. Ninku: Tsuyokina Yatsura No Daigekitotsu! Download Full PC Game. Radirgy PC Free Download. All Rights Reserved. The latest installment also depicts the crusader trail, a continuation of 50 connected missions against multiple enemies.

Besides offering innumerable crusades and campaigns, players can witness a plethora of characters in this game. They all appear as AI-controlled roles, in the skirmish mode. Players can choose them accordingly as their enemies or allies. Stronghold Crusader continues the story and gameplay of the original series.

One major difference is that the latest instalment is set in the Middle East. Now, people get into dispute eventually because resources and farmland are limited. Players can also utilise other resources like marshes, quarries, iron ore, etc. These resources are to be collected by players in the course of the game. They can decide whether to sell them for money or use them for defense purposes. Stronghold Crusader offers two ways of building an army of crusaders. Firstly, players can craft weapons and turn farmers into soldiers in return for gold or turn them directly into soldiers by spending more gold, through a mercenary post.

This game gives players the chance to go back to the times of the historic crusades. No matter which character role you choose to play, you get to form a team of crusaders, forged by years of ruthless fights, surrounded by the dry, desert heat and intense rays of the sun, and then fight your battles as bravely as mighty Saladin.

Below mentioned are some of the features of Stronghold Crusader:.



Stronghold Crusader Extreme download free full PC game | Last Version.Stronghold Crusader – Free Download PC Game (Full Version)


The entire map is based on locations in the Middle Ages, the Middle East. This game is interesting to play because of the different features stated below. This game takes place entirely in a Middle-Eastern dessert. By keeping the colour palette dull and coarse, the dessert aesthetic helps to transport you back in time.

This also provides the impression of being prepared for a fight as well as preparing to establish your kingdom. You can choose from five different campaigns to suit your preferences.

Nicae, Heraclea, the siege of Antioch, Krak des Chevaliers, and the siege of Jerusalem are only a few examples. This game also includes a Crusaders path with a variety of tasks to help you improve your skills. The sound is enticing and changes depending on the situation. If you want to play the game on a big screen to help cover the black areas that are there otherwise, there is a High Definition version of the game available. This game has a multiplayer option in which you can play with your friends.

Each player will be given tasks, and you can challenge them to start a war. You can choose from a wide range of characters and weapons. In comparison to its predecessors, this game has a few new campaigns. This game is interesting because of its improved gameplay and satisfying single-player objectives. Stronghold Crusader has aided the world of video games by linking the RTS arena with the reformation of the game built later.

This aids in the development of your management abilities by requiring you to strategize to keep your kingdom safe. From building castles to building food processors, you will start playing this game everywhere without even realizing.

Strong Crusader is the game for you if you enjoy real-time Empire building games. Download Now. You Can Contact Me If you face any problems in installing the file or comment below.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is the game about? Gameplay Stronghold Crusader has a new mission to perform with each new level.

Set in the desserts This game takes place entirely in a Middle-Eastern dessert. Various Campaigns You can choose from five different campaigns to suit your preferences. Sound effect The sound is enticing and changes depending on the situation.

Game mode This game has a multiplayer option in which you can play with your friends. Stronghold Crusader HD is a strategy game with real-time gameplay. Here you have to go to the deserts of the Middle Ages, specifically in the Eastern countries, where it will be your duty to build an indestructible fortress that not even the most powerful representative of the evil forces can defeat. Here there is a system of destruction of castles, which will make your passage as realistic as possible.

You must overthrow your opponent by using a way to attack his fortress. Here you find yourself in a world that could otherwise be called a castle simulator, where there are a huge number of opportunities for building and destroying. If you run out of soldiers, you can always call for reinforcements. On this page you can always download Stronghold Crusader Extreme for free on pc via torrent or direct link.

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